The Dream Fighter Chronicles

Book Two: Sarlak's Revenge

Discovery! Was only the beginning

The five cousins from Book One are now Dream Fighters, training at the academy to learn how to use their powers. They are learning quickly and finding new powers they never could imagine.

But something is wrong.

Four of them have visions of the future, of a battle against the Gorgons that they can't win. Haley senses that something is going on around her and Jillian's vision, brought to her by a woman in white robes, shows that Uncle Johnny will be lost forever.

The Dream Fighters now must train harder and search for answers while preparing for the final battle with the Gorgons. Sarlak lurks somewhere, and Jillian must find a way to save Uncle Johnny, and she'll need the help of someone special to do so.

New characters and new powers will be revealed in this second book in The Dream Fighter Chronicles. There are no more tests. The Fighters will now see how their powers work in battle.

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