The Dream Fighter Chronicles


The stunning conclusion to the sarlak trilogy

The academy has been nearly destroyed. One of the Dream Fighters has joined Sarlak and betrayed his cousins and friends. Their leader Kal has been revealed as Sarlak, their ultimate enemy. Uncle Johnny has fallen in battle. Braden, Jillian, and Gabby have been forced to leave the dream world to a safer place so they can train to learn new powers and defeat Sarlak.Things do not look good for the Dream Fighters.

At the academy, Danny will confront Sarlak in a fight he is destined to lose. He will need the help of many people - one a big surprise. Will he be able to destroy the worst enemy the dream fighters have ever seen? Will he be the hero he was predicted to be?

While Braden, Jillian and Gabby train in the safe region, they plot their return to the academy to help Danny. Braden will learn a new power that could help them finally defeat the Gorgons. Gabby and Jillian will also realize their powers are stronger than they could have ever imagined.

Haley will be forced to do something she doesn't want to: fight her brother. One of them must win in order for the Dream Fighters to have a chance to stop Sarlak, who wants to use Timmy to bring himself to the real world. They cannot let that happen. In the end, Jack will realize he has a talent he could never have guessed.

Everything will come to an end in the last book in the Sarlak Trilogy. Questions will be answered and new powers will be discovered. The only question is, how will it all end?


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