The Dream Fighter Chronicles

Book FOUR: THE Nowhere Kids

The first Book in the zyrvie trilogy

Where the old academy stood, a new one has risen. Instead of an old castle, this new academy is modern, with loads of technology. Braden, Jack, and Jillian attend the academy with a new cast of Dream Fighters, all with special powers. Sarlak has been defeated, and it should be a time of learning and peace. The children find out this is not the case.

Jillian has a disturbing vision of a bridge being destroyed and she is told she must save it herself. She tells her brother of the vision and they decide they must find a way to make sure the vision does not come true. They just don't know how they are going to do that.

But there is more going on. Uncle Johnny has retired and with Kal gone as well, Danny becomes the leader of the academy. He is given a choice, lead the Dream Fighters or be their savior from a coming enemy. He doesn't know which to choose. While meditating, he senses others around him, others who taunt him, tease him. They tell him they are coming and he cannot stop them, so he goes to investigate.

The Nowhere Kids, Jack and Braden find out, is the name given to all the Dream Fighters they lost contact with. The first fought alongside Uncle Johnny and Braden and Jack's mothers in the Zyrvie War almost 25 years ago. His name was Xavier, and he had an unbelievable power. In their quest to find out what happened to Xavier they discover hidden secrets within the academy archives, and one very important one about who Allie, the face of the academy computer system, really is.

When Danny is captured at an old training facility, it is up to Braden and the rest of the Dream Fighters to do two things; launch a rescue mission and protect what the Oracle calls 'The Bridge' an unidentified Dream Fighter who can bring things from the Dream World to the Real World. They must discover the identity of the Bridge, rescue Danny, all while at the same time fighting off a new enemy armed with amazing technological power.

Secrets past and present will be revealed. New Dream Fighters and new enemies will show powers never before seen. And in the end, the Dream Fighters will all face a seemingly unbeatable enemy.

Will they be able to join together and win?



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