The Dream Fighter Chronicles

Book FIVE:hearts burst into fire

book two of the zyrvie trilogy

With Xavier and the Nowhere Kids rescued, the Dream Fighters can now focus on the coming Zyrvie invasion. An enemy defeated long ago, the Zyrvies are coming back for revenge, and are being helped by former Dream Fighters as well. But there is a ray of hope.

Danny receives word that they can stop the war before it starts. He plans a diplomatic mission, taking Jillian and Braden along to meet a Zyrvie Ambassador who claims he can stop the invasion.

Things go horribly wrong on Waystation Zeta and Danny is faced with the toughest decision of his life; he can only save Jillian or Braden, not both. He makes his decision, and Braden is left in the hands of an old enemy, Dylan.

Jillian becomes obsessed with getting revenge, and she trains harder and harder to develop her powers. She makes herself stronger than she even thought possible, especially with her sword, once her weakest power. Her quest is to recover Braden's Dream World essence, so that it can be joined back with his Real World self.

Braden is safe in the Real World, and has no memory of being a Dream Fighter. Jillian tries to make him remember but it is no use. At the same time, Dr. Z has located the Dream Fighters in the Real World. He sends out a message. Don't fight the Zyrvies or risk those you love in the Real World.

Now the Dream Fighters must try and hold off a Zyrvie invasion while protecting the ones they love in the Real World. They weren't supposed to use their powers in the Real World. Now, they don't have a choice.

The Dream Fighters will be put to the ultimate test, and while they fight off enemies both in the Real and Dream Worlds, Danny must keep a close eye on Jillian, who has become so powerful, he fears not even he could stop her if he had to.



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