The Dreamfighter Chronicles

Meet The Characters


Jillian is Braden's sister, and 5 years old when she enters the dream world. She is a whiz on the computer and she has an incredible doll collection, her favorite being Baby-Wets-A-Lot, the first thing she brings into the dream world.

She is able to bring the doll in through her power, which allows her to think of anything and make it appear out of thin air. She has to learn to control this power, because she accidentally brings in things like an ice cream truck because she was in the mood for ice cream. One she learns how to use it, her power will allow her to do amazing things.

Jillian also has super strength, able to lift things three times her size. Her greatest power is the ability to see the future and communicate with people through her mind. These powers will be what the Dream Fighters rely on during their final battle to save the academy.

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