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The Dream Fighter Chronicles

BESTSELLING FANTASY Children's Book series

What if you had special powers?

Haley and her cousins thought it was just another day at their grandmother's house. The boys were playing a video game, and she and the girls sat and talked. Everything was normal.

Or at least it seemed that way.

They all fell asleep, and when they woke up, they found themselves in a dream world, and in that world, they each have special powers. Haley can fly. Jack runs at super speeds. Braden can move things with his mind. Jillian can make anything she wants disappear out of thin air. While doing so, she thinks of her favorite doll, and her uncle then talks to them through Baby-Wets-A-lot, which the children find quite amusing.

What the children find out is that they have these powers for a reason. Led by their uncle, their guide on this amazing journey, they train to stop an attack from an army of ugly Gorgons, who want to take the planet for themselves. The children learn they are Dream Fighters, and it is their job to protect the dream world in order to keep the real world safe. If the Gorgons win, then the real world will become a little colder and a little meaner. Haley, the oldest of the group, becomes their leader, and must keep her boy cousins from running wild. Her girl cousins are much younger, and she must proteect them and stop them from getting scared by all that is going on.. Along with her uncle, she leads them to the battle with the Gorgons, realizing the group just might not be ready enough.

Secrets are revealed, and new friends are introduced as they travel through the dream world and prepare for the fight. The Gorgon leader, Sarlak, will do everything in his power to stop them. He will trick them, scare them, and even turn them against each other. It is up to the Dream Fighters to stick together and win the battle. They will learn how to use their powers, discover new ones, control their anger and fear, and find out that the most important thing they can do is trust each other.

This chapter book is for children 6-12 years old. It is aimed to enhance a child's imagination and expand their vocabulary as they are in the center of the action, feeling as though they are right alongside the Dream Fighters.

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