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The Dream Fighter Chronicles

BESTSELLING FANTASY Children's Book series

BOOK One: Discovery
Story Continuation

Journal Entry, September 23rd

I know they said it wouldn't be easy. Still, it gets kind of ridiculous. Sleep used to be sleep, but now sleep is like extra homework. No one said anything about extra homework. If they did, I might not have signed up for this. Uncle Johnny and Danny say it will make us stronger. Yeah, right.

It's not even the training that's so tough, it's the training plus staying awake during the day. Also, learning what we do at the academy makes the stuff we do in school just seem silly. I mean, why waste time learning long division when I know things that are more useful than that? I asked Uncle Johnny about it and he gave me the adult answer, that I would understand when I got older. of all people, he is the last person I expect to hear that from. But, maybe he is right. Either way, staying awake in math class has become tougher than it ever has before. And it was pretty tough to begin with. After six weeks of training, it's become impossible.

The only person excited in the room is Mr. Jenkins, my math teacher who obviously gets dressed off the floor. I swear, I don't think he owns an iron, or even knows what one is. His brown shirt (I think he chooses that color so food stains don't show) has deep creases in it, like not only has it been on the floor, but it's been there for a long time. He puts just as much care into his hair, which goes in so many directions it seems almost impossible for him to have done it on purpose.

He paces the floor, talking about the correct way to perform long division. Hey, Mr. Jenkins, the correct way is to let a computer do it. That's their job, and the last time I checked, they seemed pretty happy about it. I didn't think telling him would be such a good idea. Mr. Jenkins didn't seem to like to laugh a lot.

So, I have to sit here and listen to him talk forever about something I'll probably never use again. Maybe when we finally face the Gorgons I'll use long division to help us win the battle or escape some dangerous situation. I am sure there is a need for long division somewhere, just not in my life.

Training at the academy beats school any day. Just last night, we were training with Danny, learning how to meditate, to calm our minds down and find our real power. It's not so easy to do. I thought you just had to close your eyes and that was that, but Danny showed me otherwise.

"Breathe in deep," he said, "Fell the energy coming into you with each breath. Using your powers requires you to harness energy. Most of what you did during that first battle was luck; none of you really knew how to tap into your power. That's what I am going to show you how to do."

Danny always talks so serious. I wonder how he got like that. He's barely two years old, but he says we can't calculate it in Earth terms. Maybe we need to use long division. Anyway, he said he aged quicker in the Dream World, that there is a way to accelerate time for things like that. That's something I would like to learn, Mr. Jenkins. You're the math expert. Explain to me how my 2-year old cousin looks and acts older than me. What sort of formula do you need for that?

After a few tries, I got the hang of meditation. I could see inside myself. Danny told me to 'wander down my mind' and although that sounded really silly, I understood. I could see where my powers came from. He told me to focus on floating, and I did. Right then, I saw a flash of purple light on the left side of my mind. That was my power center, or at least I think that was what Danny told me. He said one of the tricks on learning how to fly was to send more power to that area, more energy. We did that by meditating. It's all very confusing, and some days I wish I could go back to being a regular kid who goes to school, does homework, talks on the phone, and goes to bed without anything else to do.

Sometimes I think that way. Most times I wouldn't give this up for the world.