The Dream Fighter Chronicles

BESTSELLING FANTASY Childrens Book series
This children's book series is recommended for ages 6-12

You have been chosen. It is not an accident that you have come to this page.

It is my job to tell the tale of the Dream Fighters. I have been doing so for 300 years. Many Dream Fighters I have seen...many more I will find. You are one of the special ones.

These pages are for your eyes only. We have granted you access to the most secret of documents to prepare you for what lies ahead. The books I have written are to help you understand how the Dream World works. Read them and learn.

Not everyone will make it through the training. Some of you are destined for other things. For now, explore the site and read the books and be ready. We may upon you sooner than you think.
Calvin Locke

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Meet the Characters

Everyone has a favorite Dream on a name to find out more about them:
Haley Jack Braden Jillian Gabby Danny Uncle Johnny Timmy Cal Terry


Books in the Series

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